The Ed Sheeran: Made in Suffolk exhibition closed for the final time on 4 November but the online shop remains open for orders. Shop now at www.shop.made-in-suffolk.co.uk.


Innovation and invention have been at the heart of Aspall ever since Clement Chevallier arrived at Aspall Hall, Suffolk, in 1728 to set up his new cyder business.

Now one of the oldest businesses in the UK, Aspall cyders and vinegars are still made from the same spot in Suffolk and the company prides itself on making the highest quality products from the very best fruit.

The Aspall site – in the heart of rural Suffolk – combines heritage with modern production facilities. Aspall’s unwavering commitment to Suffolk is best demonstrated by a recent £10m investment in this site, helping to protect the future of Aspall in Suffolk and ensuring that their products will be made and celebrated here long into the future.

Cyder and Vinegar

Aspall produces the UK’s leading super premium draught cyder and their products win acclaim and awards across the globe. Aspall’s unique East Coast style of cyder making – a delicate blend of cooking and eating apples with a hint of bittersweet fruit – results in a signature cyder that is fruity, crisp and dry.

Aspall’s range of cyder vinegars is also extensive and award-winning, including a wide organic selection, as well as white and red wine vinegars, balsamic and malts.

For more information visit www.aspall.co.uk

From the Sponsor

“It is an honour to be the exclusive partner to this exhibition. Just like Aspall, Ed is fiercely proud of his Suffolk roots and we are delighted that this exhibition will help shine a light on our beautiful county.

Aspall has been making cyder and vinegar in Suffolk since 1728, and our family has a long history of taking the road less travelled to get to where we are today. Ed could have ended his tour anywhere, but he chose Ipswich, proving a passion for Suffolk and integrity that we as a brand share.

The Borough were clear that they wanted a true ‘Made in Suffolk’ brand to support this exhibition and after 300 years of making cyder from the same spot in Suffolk, we are pleased that they thought Aspall had enough experience to fit the bill!

The exhibition timing is serendipitous too: our new brand identity, which launches this summer, was inspired by our Suffolk heritage and celebrates being a cyder-maker from the East.

We have a lot to be proud of in Suffolk but are not always good at shouting about it. We hope that this exhibition will be the start of something very exciting for our region and that Suffolk will become even more celebrated for first-class music, food, drinks, art and culture.”

Henry Chevallier Guild

Aspall founding family member